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E-mail Newsletters 【Vol. 7】 March, 2014

☆YNU Alumni E-mail Newsletters☆
Vol.7: Issued in March 2014

Dear alumni,

This is YNU Global Alumni E-mail Newsletter from YNU International Office. Please check the latest YNU news based on “News & Information” on our YNU Website.

From YNU International Office♪
February was a month of final exams and cold snowy days in Yokohama. However, students probably enjoyed their Spring Vacation and the Olympic games as well. It will gradually become warmer in March but please take care.

◇◆News and Topics◆◇
1. YNU Global Alumni Reunion Meetings Held around the World
2. 2014 YNU International Symposium
3. Kamakura Study Trip for International Students
4. The Second Global Cafe “Mongolia” was Held
5. Academic and Student Exchange Agreement with Universiti Utara Malaysia
6. Tashkent Financial Institute (Uzbekistan) Visited YNU
7. University of Da Nang (Viet Nam) Visited YNU
8. Close Up YNU 2013 Issued

◆1◆YNU Global Alumni Reunion Meetings Held around the World
In fall 2013, YNU held alumni reunion parties in Myanmar and Indonesia. We all hope that the activities of YNU alumni association help strengthen the bonds among international and Japanese graduates around the world.
Myanmar>> http://www.ynu.ac.jp/hus/kokusais/10786/
Indonesia>> http://www.ynu.ac.jp/hus/kokusais/11062/

◇2◇2014 YNU International Symposium
On January 20, 2014, YNU International Symposium titled “Role of Higher Education for Development of Global Human Resources” was held at the Media Hall of Central Library. It was a five-hour long symposium and 130 participated.
Details (Jpn)>> http://www.ynu.ac.jp/hus/kokusais/10967/detail.html

◆3◆Kamakura Study Trip for International Students
On November 5, 2013, Yokohama National University International Office conducted Kamakura Study Trip for International Students, in which 34 international students participated. The students had opportunities to try hand copying sutra at a temple, visited to see the very famous Great Buddha, and went to Enoshima Island.
Details (Eng)>> http://www.kokusai-senryaku.ynu.ac.jp/hus/kokusais/10667/

◇4◇The Second Global Cafe “Mongolia” was Held
The second Global Cafe focused on “Mongolia” and was held on January 15, 2014, at the lounge of College of Economics’ building. It aims to provide Japanese and international students of YNU with an opportunity for cross cultural experience and deepening the understanding on cultures and histories of different countries. This time a Mongolian student of the College of Economics Munkhbat Ariunaa was invited as the presenter. She explained the meanings of ethnic costume, national flag, landscapes, climate, and history of Mongolia. Mongolian chocolates and tea were served as well, and students enjoyed games and introducing themselves in Mongolian.
Details (Jpn)>> http://www.ynu.ac.jp/hus/kokusais/10927/detail.html

◆5◆Academic and Student Exchange Agreement with Universiti Utara Malaysia
On November 13, 2013, Univeristi Utara Malaysia (UUM) Vice Chancellor Professor Dato’ Dr. Mohamed Mustafa bin Ishak, visited YNU for the signing ceremony of the academic and student exchange agreement between UUM and YNU.
Details (Eng)>> http://www.kokusai-senryaku.ynu.ac.jp/hus/kokusais/10794/

◇6◇Tashkent Financial Institute (Uzbekistan) Visited YNU
On November 27, 2013, Tashkent Financial Institute (TFI, Uzbekistan) Rector Azizov Ulugbek Uktamovich, Vice-Rector Shennaev Xujayor Murmanovich, Accounting and Audit Faculty Dean Kudaybergenov Janpolat Shamuratovich, Insurance Business Faculty Dean Radzhabov Umurzak Ablakulovich, Tax and Taxation Head Juraev Abdugaffor Safavovich visited YNU for the signing ceremony of the academic exchange agreement with YNU College of Business Administration.
Details (Eng)>> http://www.kokusai-senryaku.ynu.ac.jp/hus/kokusais/10799/

◆7◆University of Da Nang (Viet Nam) Visited YNU
On January 17, 2014, President Tran Van Nam and 6 other faculty members from the University of Da Nang (UD, Viet Nam) made a courtesy visit to YNU.
Details (Eng)>> http://www.kokusai-senryaku.ynu.ac.jp/hus/kokusais/10990/

◇8◇Close Up YNU 2013 Issued
Please have a look at the new community magazine issued in January for more information!
Details (Eng)>> http://www.ynu.ac.jp/international/publish/closeupYNU.html

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